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WLAN Controller at HQ and AP's at Branch offices

I have a WLAN controller at HQ and want to put APs at my branch offices, but connected and managed by my controller at HQ. I know that if the WAN goes down, I will lose wireless, etc.

my question is:

Is there anything I should watch out for with this type of setup? I will have separate vlans' for the wireless and data.. will this matter when it hits the MPLS from the branch back to the HQ WLAN controller? I thought maybe the vlan tagging had to stay consistant between AP and WLAN controller?


Re: WLAN Controller at HQ and AP's at Branch offices

This configuration is used all over the world. I would strongly suggest that you download and read the configuration guide. Also, I would suggest using a 1242 in REAP mode or 1030 REAP APs. These APs will hold security credentials in the event you lose connection to the WLC back at HQ. Again, I would read the config guides.

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Re: WLAN Controller at HQ and AP's at Branch offices

Hybrid Remote Edge Access Point (HREAP) is a mode supportede by 1130 and 1240 series AP's. In the upcoming release of version 4.2, HREAP will also have full support for voice roaming as well. With HREAP, wireless users already authenticated will remain connected in the event of a WAN outage. In addition, v4.2 will support local site authentication for HREAP deployments. If you have an ACS server at the remote site, you can even authenticate new users during a WAN outage. I wouldn't recommend anything in the 1000 series AP family. It's already been announced that it's going end of sale. Keep in mind the latency between AP and controller must be less than 100ms.

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