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WLAN Controller WLAN configuration

We have two 4402 WLAN Controllers and a number of 1131 LWAPP's spread throughout our campus. Is is possible to set up a WLAN (SSID) that is only available on certain access points? We have some of these access points in apartments in the surrounding neighborhood and want to provide guest wireless in some of the administrative buildings but do not want the guest wireless available to the apartments since non-campus users could potentially use the wireless network. We want the AP's in the admin buildings to have a secure and guest wireless available but the apartment/res halls to have only the secure wlan available. Is this possible?


Re: WLAN Controller WLAN configuration

Yes, you can certainly do this, but it's a bit cumbersome on a large scale.

Using the controller GUI, go to the Wireless tab. Then, on the left, click Access Points -> Radios -> 802.11b/g/n (or 802.11a/n). This will give you a page of individual radios on all your access points. Find the one you want and use the hover-button on the right to configure it.

On the next screen you'll see "WLAN Override" as an option. Enable this and you'll see a list of SSIDs appear. Simply click the ones you want.

Again, it's unfortunate that this takes so long, because you need to do this for every access point that you DON'T want the guest network on, and I'm guessing that this is the majority of your APs.

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Re: WLAN Controller WLAN configuration

Thank you very much that is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate your help.

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