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WLAN disconnets frequentlly.


I have 7 AP"s with same ssid, broadcast. When the users move from one place to another, they lose the WLAN connetions, some time the users disconnect and reconnect or some time the users need to reboot the pc itself to get the WLAN connection.

I am using ACS 3.3 for authentication.

cisco AIR-AP1231G-J-K9 (C1200-K9W7-M)

System Software Filename: c1200-k9w7-tar.123-2.JA

System Software Version: 12.3(2)JA

Bootloader Version: 12.2(8)JA

What can be the problem?


Re: WLAN disconnets frequentlly.

What security are you using?

Are all of the APs in the same broadcast domain, or are some on different subnets?

What are the clients? (if PC's or laptops) What version of drivers and code are they running?

How close sre / how much overlap exists between the APs and their signals?

More details are usually better than no details.

Let us know and (perhaps) we can help.

Good Luck


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Re: WLAN disconnets frequentlly.

All APs are in smae briadcast domain and same subnet.

All clients are using laptops (Dell - LATITUDE)

OS: Windows XP Professional SP2

Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless software

Plig-In: Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless -

Attached file is the config details and signals overlap diagram.


Re: WLAN disconnets frequentlly.

I think I'd start with a driver / software update ... Intel is up to ~11.5:*+XP+Professional〈=eng&strOSs=44&submit=Go%21

and there have been issues in the3 past.

If you have the Microsoft Fast / Rapid/ {whatever} Reconnect enabled, turn it off.

Are you using WDS?

Good Luck


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Re: WLAN disconnets frequentlly.

Network Authentication : Open

Data Encryption : WEP/CKIP

802.1x Authentication Type : LEAP

802.1x Authentication Protocol : None

Allow Fast Roaming (CCKM) : Disabled

Is their any patch for above type connections or should I need to change the config?


Re: WLAN disconnets frequentlly.

No specific patches that I'm aware of for your specific config choices.

If you have the option, I recommend moving from C-KIP to T-KIP ... CKIP is Cisco proprietary and "may not" be supported by the Intel drivers ... at least as well as TKIP which would be more standards-ish.

If your clients and AP radios support it as an option, AES would be better security than WEP, though in this case you could have TKIP run a key rotation and make it a bit more secure.

I also suggest you check the Intel Proset features / options and make sure the "Cisco Extensions" (CCX) are enabled ... I think they would be in order to support LEAP, but verify it .... I'm getting old & feeble-brained and I don't have my laptop available to check it myself.

Let us know ...

Good Luck


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