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WLC 2006 with 2 vlans

Im almost bald because of this :)

Im trying to do something which is easy in an autonomous AP environment but cant seem to swing it here.

I have a 2006 controller (latest code) a few 1231 lwap's and a 3560 in between. I have a .10 data vlan and a .100 voice vlan which Im trying to put on the AP's. I need to make it so that the .100 clients get their dhcp from call manager (7920's) and data clients get dhcp from the LAN dhcp server.

Im able to make the 2 ssid's (voice,data), and am able to point each wlan to their own dhcp server. But it ends there. I cant figure out how to make the ssid's be on their own vlan.

I also cant determine which port of the controller belongs on which vlan, and should it be trunked. i.e. ap-manager on a trunk port, etc.

I have read a few docs online (pdf's) but none have shown me the light. Thank you for any input.


Cisco Employee

Re: WLC 2006 with 2 vlans

Hi Bob,

Have you binded your ssids to respective interfaces on your controller.

You need to create first 2 interfaces on your controller and configure primary DHCP server for each interface.

Once interface are created you have to bidn your ssids to each interfaces.

Something like this

config interface create

config interface address

config interface port

config interface dhcp

Above command will create interfaces for you and will assign those interfaces to vlans. So create 2 interfaces for you one for data and one for voice.

Then you have to create wlans/ssids and from web gui under specific wlans/ssids select these interfaces. Map voice interface with ssid for voice and data interface for data ssid.

Also configure switchport as trunk on which you have connected your controller.

Have a look at this link also



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Cisco Employee

Re: WLC 2006 with 2 vlans

There is a GUI-based configuration sample at the following URL:

At one point this document was written specifically for a 2006 controller, but now is for a 4400. The concepts and basic GUI configs are the same, so hopefully it clears up your issue.

Basically, you have to create a "dynamic" interface for each VLAN. The dynamic interface includes an ip address, dhcp server, and vlan tag. The interface is then bound to a particular WLAN (on the WLAN configuration page).


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