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WLC-2106 and multiple interfaces on the same network

Hi there,

I recently created a TAC request to the Cisco support regarding our WLC-2106, but they could not help me. Basically I just learned that you can create new interfaces for the wireless LAN controller and then dedicate them to a given wireless network (SSID). This way I could more effectively utilize network bandwidth also. Problem is that all of the interfaces have to be in a different network segment in order to work, which is not what I want. I specifically want to have several interfaces on the same network segment.

Has anyone tried to accomplish the same?


Re: WLC-2106 and multiple interfaces on the same network

You should not be able to create multiple interfaces in the same subnet or VLAN.  If you can this would be a bug.

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Re: WLC-2106 and multiple interfaces on the same network

Basically what I've misunderstood is that all the traffic generated by our wireless clients have been going through the single 100Mbit/s ethernet port on the wireless LAN controller (management interface), and to mitigate this I thought I could create new interfaces (ports) and dedicate those to given WLAN networks.. I see now that this is not supported. Not inside the same network at least.

So, by reading further and consulting my best friend Google I learned about a setting called "AP Mode". Changing that from Local (the default) to H-REAP the APs should not route their traffic anymore through the management interface on the wireless controller, but instead route all the client traffic directly to the local LAN. This way you effectively remove the 100Mbit/s bottle-neck when all the APs were using the management interface both for configuration and client data traffic.

It seems you also have to enable H-REAP Local switching from a given WLAN network in addition to changing the AP Mode of your access points to H-REAP. I'm still in the testing phase here so should anyone have any insight to this, I'd be greatful to hear more.

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