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New Member

WLC 2106 Configuration steps

I have WLC 2106,And 5 LWAP, 3 Cat3560 Switches.and my 2851 CME router providing DHCP for Data VLAN 1 nad Voice VLAN 100

any one can please help me how to do the basic configuration

when i configure Managment and AP manager on WLC 2106 on untaged VLAN 0 i can able to ping but when i cahnged the VLAN to 1 im not able to communicate to WLC from switch or any port from WLC

please help me to configure the WLC

Thanks & Regards



Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps


The ethernet port in the 3560 that connects to your WLC must be a trunk port for you to be able to use multiple VLAN's. See attached for the port/interface relationships.

You will also need to tell the switch port which VLAN is the native VLAN.


New Member

Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps


I have this environment:

Router 2851 CME

3 Switches 3560

VLAN 1. 192.168.1.X (Native) Data

VLAN 100. 10.10.10.X (Voice)

VLAN 60 , 172.16.1.X (WLC)

I set WLC with this IP addresses



After basic configuration if I changed the native VLAN (untagged 0) to 60 (tagged) on WLC then I will lose the connectivity from WLC ,and even I was not able to connect from the network.

My switch configuration for WLC

Port mode trunk

Switch port trunk allowed vlan 1,60 ,100

Switch configuration for APS

Port mode Access

Switch port access Vlan 60

Can you please help me

Thanks & Regards


New Member

Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

my switch port has configured as trunk witch connected to WLC and it was on native VLAN 1 (untaged) but my WLC Port is VLAN 0 (Untaged) , so i changed VLAN on both side to VLAN 60 and on Cisco Switch i say to allow VLANs 60,1,100.

My native VLAN on Cisco Switch still is VLAN1 , i think here i need to change the VLAN to 60 and allow 1 & 100.

please advise me .



Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

The software guide states "A zero value for the VLAN identifier (on the Controller > Interfaces page) means that the interface is untagged.

The default (untagged) native VLAN on Cisco switches is VLAN 1. When controller interfaces are configured as tagged (meaning that the VLAN identifier is set to a non-zero value), the VLAN must be allowed on the 802.1Q trunk configuration on the neighbor switch and not be the native untagged VLAN.

Cisco recommends that only tagged VLANs be used on the controller. You should also allow only relevant VLANs on the neighbor switch's 802.1Q trunk connections to controller ports. All other VLANs should be disallowed or pruned in the switch port trunk configuration. This practice is extremely important for optimal performance of the controller.

Note Cisco recommends that you assign one set of VLANs for WLANs and a different set of VLANs for management interfaces to ensure that controllers properly route VLAN traffic"

Can you supply a screen shot of the interfaces page from your WLC and supply the WLC switch port configuration also? Just to sanity check what you have so far?

New Member

Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

Good morning! I have read this message and i have to say that I have the same problem. Can I ask if is it a version IOS problem? Can I need a 4.2 version? Actually my controller is working with a 4.1

I have followed on details the configuration that you suggest, andrew, but it seems that putting a VLAN tag for management and AP-management interfaces stops the controller working.

Thanking in advance for your possible help

best regards


Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps


Are you putting the management interface and AP manager interface in the same VLAN?

Is the switch port you are physically connecting the WLC to configured as a Trunk port?

If it is a trunk port are you allowing those VLANS on the trunk?

New Member

Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps


I have set the same VLAN for management and AP-management interfaces. The port of controller is connecting with a trunk port. And I'm allowing those vlans on the trunk.

I repeat: can it depend on the controller IOS release?

Anyway, many thanks for your answer

Best regards


Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

I could be the release - attached are the config guides for 4.1 & 4.2:-



The only difference I can see is in 4.1 you the recomendation is to put the ap & mgmn in the same "tagged" vlan. In 4.2 to leave them in the native vlan.

Do you have layer 3 interface configured for the VLAN you are trying to put them into?

New Member

Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

Hi Andrea. I have solved the problem. It was just the release. I have installed la release 5.0.148 and now all is working (management and AP management interfaces are on a specific VLAN, in my case la 2).

Many thanks for attention. I hope that our dialog can help other indian friend

Best regards


Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps


That is good news - glad to help.

Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

Hi Andrew,

Nice work on this one! 5 points from Calgary for your great help :)

Take care,


Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

Hey Rob,

Thanks very much - appreciated!



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Re: WLC 2106 Configuration steps

Hope you don't run into issues with 5.0.148..... In my opinion, it isn't a very good code...

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