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WLC 2106 + DNS


having no problems to get the AP's attached and configured via the WLC, but i'm not able to get the DNS-resolution in the LAN done proper.

That means: Having 3 AP's connected to WLC2106, this one is getting it's DNS for one SSID/VLAN from an external DHCP-Server - works very well. If you are connected via a real copper-cable to the VLAN, you'll get the DNS-resolution (put up an ip name-configuration on the DHCP-Server which is a cisco-switch) but via wireless - no chance.

Tried all versions of changing the default-gateway or DNS-Server (directly to the DHCP, where the ip-name-resolution is lying) - nothing.

What the hell? :) It seems really to be a wireless-problem. Allthough i can use external DNS-Servers to get in the internet but getting a local (LAN) solution would be preferrable...

regards :)


Re: WLC 2106 + DNS

Lets step back for a moment if we may, im a little slow this morning with no coffee :)

So you have a 2106 and you can not get the access points to join the controller or you can but you are having DNS issues once a client joins?

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Re: WLC 2106 + DNS

God morning ;)

The second idea is it: clients joining without any problem - but not getting the DNS-issues from the LAN - which actually work properly. A DNS-host-entry is configured on the DHCP-Server - which is working with all wireless clients.

That's it ;)

Re: WLC 2106 + DNS

Try turning off dhcp by proxy. I am assuming you are using an external dhcp scope.

config dhcp proxy disable

Insure that the gateway address for the interface in the wlc is correct as well. Make sure the dhcp scope gets the proper dns entries as well.

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Re: WLC 2106 + DNS

Tried it - not helping. Might it be something with those VLAN's or a redirect-problem? Default-Gateway and DHCP-Server are the same address - controlled it twice ;)

Edit: Generally do I not have any troubles with DHCP - only DNS is not working as it should in the LAN.

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Re: WLC 2106 + DNS

Can you please share the interface detail which is mapped to WLAN ?

Show interface detailed

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Re: WLC 2106 + DNS

That was the broadcast...ehem...sorry... now it's working properly.

Typically missing the smallest things on earth ;)

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