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WLC 2112 Web Authentication Wireless Clients Disconnect

Hi all,

I'ts the fist time I post in here. I have set up web authentication for guests @ one of the SSIDs. I'm using internal authentication (the WLC 2112) for this spacific SSID, and the lifetime for the guest user is 86400. Still, the clients disconnect after approximately 10 minutes. I disabled client exclusion for the SSID, just in case there was a problem with the client itself. Does anyone have come across this problem. I will appreciate any help.


Re: WLC 2112 Web Authentication Wireless Clients Disconnect

What is the session time-out for this WLAN?

I ran into a problem just like this where guests would have to close IE and open it again so that they could "re-authenticate". It turns out that the session time-out was 10 minutes and therefor was requiring the user to be re-authenticated. In a non-web based authentication, I believe this happens seemlessly in the background, but the web authentication truely required the acceptance of the page again.

or something like that...

Re: WLC 2112 Web Authentication Wireless Clients Disconnect

client timeout is 5 minutes (300 seconds) by default. Could be your problem but I doubt it. There are some issues with 5.1.151 code and web auth. New web auth code is due out in 5.2 which is now available. You might try that.


Re: WLC 2112 Web Authentication Wireless Clients Disconnect

I just know that I had a very similar problem on my guest WLANs and the timeout ended up being at 600 seconds for some reason. And the patrons were complaining about losing connectivity every 10 minutes.

Now my memory is a little fuzzy but I believe the setting got applied after one of my numerous upgrade of the controller's code. It was weird but only the SSIDs with web authentication were the ones with the 600 second timeout. The others actually have an 1800 timeout for some reason.

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