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WLC 4400 service-port

I have a WLC 4400 in a remote site and I need to reset it to Factory-default. The service-port is connected to a switch and it can obtain an ip-address from it. I don't have a remote console access. Is it possible to do the inizial wizard configuration from the service-port that , I think, is accessible becouse it get the ip address from the switch? I read in the documentation about that port "It is also the only port that is active when the controller is in boot mode". Have someone test that situation? I have only this WLC and I cannot do a test in LAB.

Thanks in advance


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Re: WLC 4400 service-port

Hi Giovanni,

the IP Adress of the service Port can obtain an IP Adress via DHCP or can be configured statically. You can not assign a Gateway Address, so per default you can access the Service Port only from the same subnet. What you can try is to configure a static Route Entry on the WLC to get access to the Service Port via the Network.

Regards, Michael

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Re: WLC 4400 service-port

Hi Michael,

the problem is not to access throught the Service Port into the WLC, this is OK. My question is:

if I reset to Factory Default can I see the Wizard setup at startup throught the Service Port?




Re: WLC 4400 service-port

The service port is non-routable. You can assign a static route, but my experience is that this leads to some unexpected problems. Cisco doesn't support this configuration.

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Re: WLC 4400 service-port

I have a config like the following in the switch where the WLC is connected:

ip dhcp excluded-address

ip dhcp pool WLC-Service-Port



interface GigabitEthernet3/0/24

description === WLC Service-Port ===

no switchport

ip address

From that switch I do a telnet at and I am in the WLC through the Service Port without any static route becouse I am directly connected to the WLC. With this config if I do a Factory Reset does the Service Port obtain the ip-address from the dhcp? Or do I have to configure the WLC setup wizard via CLI before? I need to know if the Service Port obtain the ip address and I can configure the wizard setup through it.


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