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WLC 4402 and Aironet 1252 autonomous to lwaap ?

Hi ,

I have the following equipment for building a test lab. WLC 4402 with Software Version (Mesh) , and Aironet 1252 12.4(10b)JA1 which is still working in autonomous mode. My topology will be mesh as seen from the WLC version. I've already read:

I'm asking is there a way to migrate 1252 from autonomous to LWAPP trough WLC not using the upgrade tool. For instance when you put the WLC and 1252 AP in Layer 3 and start the process from the AP itself ? Another question is , is it possible to migrate autonomous to LWAPP over OTAP for instance when you had already one Root AP which is LWAPP and the other is only autonomous ? I'm almost answered the questions to myself but just want to be sure that i am not missing something.

Thanks in advance


Re: WLC 4402 and Aironet 1252 autonomous to lwaap ?

Hi Ivan,

You can upgrade the AP from WCS (not WLC) or from the AP itself.

Set a tftp server, a controller in the same subnet, and use the command:

archive download-sw followed by your tftp server address and file.

Be careful though, 1252 is not supported on code 4.1, and mesh code stream is different from the main stream )they will be re-merged soon). Use a 5.0 mainstream code on your 4402 if you want to use a 1252.

You cannot upgrade the AP via OTAP, OTAP is enabled once the AP is fully migrated and has joined the controller...

Hopt it helps


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Re: WLC 4402 and Aironet 1252 autonomous to lwaap ?

Jerome is right... but if you want to upgrade without WCS, you can't use the upgrade tool. You need to have the lwapp image on your tftp server and use the archive /r /f .... command.

The image has to be renamed to c1250-k9w7-tar.default. You can use c1250-k9w7-tar.124-10b.JA.tar image file and just rename it. Once the ap joins the wlc, the ap will get whatever code from the wlc.

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Re: WLC 4402 and Aironet 1252 autonomous to lwaap ?

Hi Jerome ,

Thanks for the answers i fully agree. So i have to upgrade my 4402 software version to 5.0 , but i want to interconnect AP's in mesh so is it 5.0 mainstream , or 5.0 mesh is necessary ?

Thanks for all the info again i feel more confident now :)

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