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WLC 4404 LAG Channel


I?ve heard there is a problem (ASIC?) with the 4404 Controller and a 4 Port LAG Channel. And you should use a 2Port channel instead of the 4 Port channel. Is there a known problem with a 4Port Channel, or can I use promptly the 4Port LAG Channel?

When I only use a 2Port LAG channel and one link from the channel goes down. Can all AP?s up to 100 be connected to the left link on the channel? Because normally only up to 48 AP?s can be connected do a single interface on a 4404 Contoller.

And a third question:

Is it possible to create two LAG 2Port Channel und use the second channel for spanning-tree redundancy?



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Re: WLC 4404 LAG Channel

Hi Christian,

First of all I never heard about this problem! We have one of these controllers and were able to connect up to 180 APs to that single controller - almost 45 APs to each port.

In your case, if Port1 goes down all the 48 APs will jumpt to the second port as long as both these ports are directly connected to your network.

Btw, Spanning Tree functionality is built into the unit.


Re: WLC 4404 LAG Channel

You have heard incorrectly. 4 port LAG works great with the 440x and WiSM controllers.

The 48 AP per port limitation only applies to non-LAG mode.

Finally, only 1 LAG group per controller is currently supported.

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