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WLC 4404 /w HSRP


Hoping if someone has done a similar implementation. If so, pls do advice.

We have two catalyst 6506 running HSRP serving our backbone switching. Hence, i'm wondering the best practice to apply when introducing a 4404 controller.

Given it's a 4 port controller. I'm looking at having two ports connect to the primary switch and the other two connect to the secondary.

Are there additional config guidelines that i should be keeping in mind or to be cautious of?



Re: WLC 4404 /w HSRP

The 4404 ports will trunk with the 6506 switches

at layer 2. HSRP will affect the layer 3 traffic. So once the wireless traffic is pushed through the trunk from the 4404 to the 6506, the vlan that it corresponds with will then be redirected via the primary hsrp partner for the subnet that the vlan (for the wlan) goes through.

We run a very similar setup, 6506-E hsrp pair, 4 4402 controllers. vlan/subnets are balanced between HSRP partners.

Switch A is primary for odd numbered subnets/vlans, Switch B is primary for even numbered subnets. We go as far as to number the vlans to correspond with the network octet - vlan 23 = 192.168.23.xx for example.

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WLC 4404 /w HSRP

Eric can you post some example configs? I am looking at doing a similar setup. 2 5508's one each off of an HSRP pair of 6500s.



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WLC 4404 /w HSRP

Hi Andrew,

Are you Implementing VSS in your 6500 setup ? If yes, then it will behave a single chasis. The reason for asking is - 5508 when working in LAG mode puts all its 8 ports in a single port channel. you can not put the port coming from WLC to the 6500 in seperate switch if they are not in VSS.

So, first of all, pls update if you are running VSS or both the WLCs will be plugged into different chassis ?

Make your query more clear. Thanks !

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Re: WLC 4404 /w HSRP

1.  LAG only works if your WLC is going to a single physical 6500 chassis.

2.  LAG to a VSS pair, in my opinion, is not recommended because you could have issues when the VSS go into a "split brain".

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