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WLC with WCS a supported config?

I know of a large site (not one of mine) that is running WLC code paired up with WCS The release notes for each product make no mention of support for this configuration.

Is this is supported configuration?

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Re: WLC with WCS a supported config?

WCS will support up to two versions of previous controller code from the "preferred" controller version.

The two versions should not be an issue.

Re: WLC with WCS a supported config?

Thanks, but I believe the problem is due to the fact that WCS was released on June 11, 2009, which is before WLC was released (on June 25, 2009).

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Re: WLC with WCS a supported config?

Hi Robert,

The reason you don't see support for (June 25, 2009) is that it was released after the WCS release notes came out (June 11, 2009)

You should be good to go here :)



Re: WLC with WCS a supported config?

Thanks to both of you who replied. I just need to ensure that Cisco will support this scenario. The larger site is actually a "parent" site, and we try to keep our configs in parallel, but I'm not going to put the smaller site into an unsupported configuration.

I found this document, updated September 1st, which still doesn't list WLC and WCS as a supported config:

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