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WLC 5508 and and AP Blackhole?

So large customer had WLCs running and it appears there was either a 3500/3600 AP memory leak or a CCKM roaming issue. The APs would occasionally blackhole traffic. You could see 2+ APs at -67dbm in 5GHz.  Phones are locked to 5GHz, data rates matched. .  Phone showed good strong signal, but   7925 users would report every couple days the phone dropping/DHCP timeout, re-registering, etc.  We had a large CSE/TAC group onsite audit the 7925 Deployment Guide and setup, and we did a lot of cleanup but never hit the silver bullet.

After upgrading the 5508 to  (TAC special not on they reported the 7925 problems have improved.  Only been 1 day so far.

There is also a WPA2 with Preshared Key  CCKM bug with the 7925s that roaming takes 2s.  Use either strong WEP or buy 7926s, or use EAP/certificates, etc. Release Notes

We are running daily Traffic Stream Metrics (TSM) reports from Prime/WLC, and exporting the CallManager Diagnositc LQK records (export via CAR) to show if things are improving/etc.

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