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WLC 5508 Evaluation License Expiry


I have a customer who wants to do some WLC migration works. They have a spare 5508 (50 License) that they want to use to house their 100+ APs during the migration works as they are temporarily decommissioning the active 5508s. They have asked me whether they can get an extension to the evaluation license (I suggested the eval license may be the best option to get through this with minimal hassle) as they feel 60 days might not be long enough!

Thinking about it I read this in the WLC config guide regarding eval licenses:

"To prevent disruptions in operation, the controller does not switch licenses when an evaluation license expires. You must reboot the controller in order to return to a permanent license. Following a reboot, the controller defaults to the same feature set level as the expired evaluation license. If no permanent license at the same feature set level is installed, the controller uses a permanent license at another level or an unexpired evaluation license."

This suggests that the license will just continue to be active until a reboot? Is that correct, has anybody seen this in action. I have seen this sort of thing before with IOS-XE code where a feature is enabled as evaluation, and once it expires it doesn't stop the feature working, just sends loads of snmp traps complaining about not having the correct license level. 

I would be interested if anyone knows what really happens once the eval expires and if the eval license count will remain active until WLC reboot.




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Hi,I have found another


I have found another option for this unorthodox scenario. I just as an idea went to see if I could get a demo license for a 5508 I have in our lab (which currently has default eval license on it) from Cisco's license portal. Surprisingly it issued me a eval license, I installed it successfully onto the 5508! I now have 2x eval licenses, so in theory this will work for my customer as he can use this again for another 60 days! 

I then thought I'd try again and see how far I can push it :) I then got a message saying:

We are unable to provide you with a license at this time.

You cannot obtain multiple trial licenses for the same UDI.

Ok, that makes sense, but I was able to add another eval on-top of the factory sent one.

What I will do is invoke it and see how it goes, and also I will then get to see what happens after 60 days.

Thoughts welcome.


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You can also take a backup.

You can also take a backup. Then do a factory default > activate the evaluation license again and restore your backup.

You then have another 60 days.

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