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WLC 5508 Flexconnect dhcp request landing on wrong vlan/dhcp pool


We've recently setup our 5508 to work with Flexconnect. The 5508's run on 8.0.100, they are setup redundant. On the remote site we've setup a local dhcp pool for the various WLAN's/VLAN's. The AP's have registered with the WLC succesfully.

We then setup the flexconnect groups, added the ap's and configured 1 vlan mapping to it's corresponding wlan id. Alsio setup the wlan, made it so it's using flexconnect, bound it to the interface which will allow it to reach the local dhcp machine.

User can see the SSID, can login using the password, but they are awarded an ip addres from a different dhcp pool, meant for antoher vlan than the bonding in the flexconnect group is indicating.

When I check the local dhcp pool for bindings on the mac address of a machine I can see multiple bindings. At 1 point I had 3 bindings in different pools, 1 on the native vlan for the AP, 1 on the vlan it should have and 1 on another vlan which wasn't configured anywhere in the flexconnect setup.

Does anybody have a clue how and why this is happening?

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Hi,Please do check if the APs


Please do check if the APs have been assigned with flex-connect VLAN mappings separately apart from adding the VLANs in flex-connect groups. Make sure there are no other VLANs assigned on the APs.

Wireless tab > select an AP > Flex-connect > VLAN mappings.



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Just to add to Salma... All

Just to add to Salma... All your AP's in FlexConnect are most likely connected to a trunk port. Make sure the native Vlan is defined and the vlan's are allowed on the trunk port. Then you need to verify that the AP's native Vlan and WLAN to Vlan mappings are correct. Seems like you might have some AP's that are not defined properly and that's why users that connect to a WLAN is getting in the wrong subnet. 


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