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New Member

WLC 5508 reboots itself after upgrading to

Hello all.

We have two WLC 5508 and we upgraded both to software release two weeks ago. We also upgrade the FUS to version 1.7.

Since then both WLC reboot randomly once or twice a day with no obvious reason.

Is anyone else facing the same issue?

Many thanks.

VIP Purple

Re: WLC 5508 reboots itself after upgrading to

My WLC uptime is 11 days since done this upgrade. So far I haven't come across such issue.

I think best you could do is open a TAC case (if you have maintenance support with cisco) & provide them the crash log files (they will instruct you what they want). Then TAC can analyse it & tells you why controller rebooting.

If you go in that path & find out the cause, please update it here for others benefit



New Member

Re: WLC 5508 reboots itself after upgrading to

Thanks for you reply Rasika.

There is no information in the crash log files and I have no maintenance support with Cisco, that's why I'm asking help over here.

The problem usually happens when I have more than 1K connected devices.

Thanks again.

VIP Purple

Re: WLC 5508 reboots itself after upgrading to

Ok, in that case it is very difficult to pin-point the cause for these sorts reboots. It may be due to a unknown bug. Go through below release notes and see any unresolved caveats related to your issue

Have you configure syslog on your WLC ?  If so see what is the last syslog message sent by WLC before reloading, it may indicate something.

Do more observation & see whetehr controller reboot every time it hit 1k client limit. Try to narrow down the criteria to identify under what conditions this will trigger.

In my controller I do not have that many clients & cannot comment if it is related.



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