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WLC 5508 - WGBs & HREAP on LAN

So, I really have two questions here.  For some background information, I have a wireless network with two WLC 5508 controllers and 220 LWAPs in the same location as the controllers.  All APs are currently in local mode.  I run a few guest networks as well as some other client networks.  One client in particular uses their network to connect mobile machines to their VLAN.  The only issue is that the machines do not have wireless adapters.  Instead, the manufacturer put inside the chassis, a D-Link WGB, which has an ethernet cable, you then have to plug into the ethernet port.  These devices cannot seem to connect to the network.  I have found, the WGBs do associate on the network, but the wired client behind it cannot pass traffic onto the VLAN.  I have also tried connecting PCs with different SOHO style WGBs from different manufacturers with the same result.

After going through Cisco's documentation, I found that using 1230s in WGB mode can resolve this issue since they use IAPP to communicate the MAC table of the wired side clients they service back to the controller.  I have configured a 1230, and used it as the WGB for the client machine instead of the D-Link and it does seem to work, but this would mean configuring a considerable number of 1230s to hand over to the client.

The first question would be, Is there something I am missing that I would need to do in order to allow SOHO style WGBs to forward wired side client traffic onto the network while LWAPs are in local mode? Or would the WGB NEED to support IAPP?

The second question is that, I may have found another solution to this already, but would like some input prior to committing.

This client also uses these same machines with the same WGBs inside the chassis at another location where the client operates the network themselves.  They also use the same WLC model with the same version, and same APs.  The only difference is that they use H-REAP mode with local switching.

I also tested this idea, and it seemed to work.  With the AP in H-REAP mode, and the client's WLAN set to local switching, the machine and WGB connected with no problem.

So the question with this, would be; would there be any disadvantages in running all 220 APs at this location in H-REAP mode?  What would I be losing if anything?  Also, I would like to keep all other WLANs centrally switched.

I understand what the difference would be for this client's WLAN if I ran in H-REAP mode with local switching, but what would the difference be in the other guest WLANs if I set them to be centrally switched?  (Is there any difference between running APs in local mode vs running APs in H-REAP with central switching?)


Re: WLC 5508 - WGBs & HREAP on LAN


I read your quesiton quickly so I might miss some points, but I think you need to do some more configuraiton for your passive clients behind the WGB:


Passive Clients Behind a WGB

The controller might not be able to see passive clients behind a WGB. Clients (such as cameras and programmable logic devices) do not initiate a traffic stream unless they are connected. Complete these steps in order avoid this issue:

  1. Add a static MAC filter entry for the passive WGB device and MAC filter entry for the devices that are behind it.
  2. Use this command in order to enable MAC filtering on the WLAN along with aaa override:config macfilter ipaddress MAC_address IP_address
  3. Add a static entry on the WGB IOS-based device: bridge 1 addressxxxx.xxxx.xxxx forward FastEthernet0Note: In addition, increase the dot11 activity timer.
  4. Add a static ARP entry on the L3 router:




Also, know please that WGB is not supported with hybrid REAP (H-REAP).

Even if it worked with you sometimes, it is not supported and cisco did not design it to work with HREAP.

I am only aware about one difference between central switching HREAP and local mode; which is that any limitation applied to HREAP will be applied if it is central switching. just like our situation with WGB with HREAP.

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WLC 5508 - WGBs & HREAP on LAN


If you haven't seen this yet, there's a guide for HREAP design. Here's a link to a section in the document that outlines design and functional limitations: