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WLC and Multiple AP-Manager interfaces

Hi guys:

I have a 5508-WLC appliance and configured multiple ap-manager interfaces to balance the join request from LAPs and the load.

I went to console port from some LAPs and saw that there was that balance among multiple ap manager interfaces (Dynamic AP Management Interfaces). Then we torn down one of the ap manager interfaces and confirmed that the LAPs were moved to next ap manager interface automatically.

But the question here is, how can I verify which ap-manager interface was used for a LAP from the WLC via GUI or CLI ??  or how can I see the amount of

APs joined using that ap manager interface from WLC ??

I have reviwed every option on WLC using CLI and GUI but I´ve not had good luck..I hope you could help me....Thanks GUYS.

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Re: WLC and Multiple AP-Manager interfaces

From what I know, you can't tell which ap joined to which ap manager.  Now why not use LAG and bundle the ports together.  I don't really see any benefit.

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WLC and Multiple AP-Manager interfaces

That is correct Scott, but how can I see which ap-manager interface is used by an especific lap from a pool of 6 ap-manager interfaces from the WLC prespective ??  is there any way to validate that from the WLC ???  The idea is

to validate that balance from the WLC instead of going to every LAP and see its boot process to find out the proper ap-manager interface.... Thanks

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