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WLC and repeator AP

Hi guys,

I have a Cisco 4402-25 controller and 16 APs 1010. The WLAN is working fine. Can I add one AP as wireless repeator to get associate to AP1010? What model of AP it should be?



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Re: WLC and repeator AP

Hi Xi,

You would need to purchase 2 new IOS AP's to support the use of AP's in repeater mode.You cannot setup repeaters in LWAPP mode and the AP1010 cannot be changed to run IOS. Have a look;

Q. I have an existing wireless network (autonomos AP's)with a access-point which is configured as Repeater. This network will be migrated to a LWAPP wireless network. Can I use the LWAPP APs as reepaters?

A. LWAPP APs must join a controller and they do not support a repeater mode, since they all have to have some connectivity to the controller first. Cisco autonomous APs can be configured as repeaters, but due to the reduction in effective bandwidth available to end clients, repeaters aren't the most highly recommended configuration. While any Cisco Aironet AP or LAP model can be used in either LWAPP or autonomous mode, in order to make that change, a software reimage would be required. This is particularly complex when going from autonomous to LWAPP.So directly, no, an AIR-LAP1232AG-A-K9 does not natively support repeater mode. It could be loaded with autonomous software and be made to support repeater mode, but that would involve a software change and a separate configuration.

From this doc;

Note: The Cisco Aironet APs listed can be ordered with Cisco IOS Software to operate as an autonomous AP or with LWAPP. The part number decides if the AP is an IOS-based AP or an LWAPP-based AP. For example, AIR-AP1242AG-A-K9 is an IOS-based AP, whereas AIR-LAP1242AG-P-K9 is an LWAPP-based AP. The 1000 Series APs and the 1500 Series APs are an exception to this criteria. ***All the 1000 Series APs and the 1500 Series AP support only LWAPP.***

From this doc;

Hope this helps!


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