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WLC, ARP and bridging

Hi board,

I stumbled over an isse (or a design limitation) of the WLC - maybe someone could help. It's mainly about wireless bridges.

If I have a wireless client (laptop) that is intended to bridge traffic from it's physical interface or from a VMWare in bridging mode, it won't work.

1.) The WLC won't forward ARP requests from the wired LAN for the bridged clients.

2.) The WLC won't forward traffic from the bridged clients, because they have the MAC-adress of the physical host, that has a different IP.

I understand, that with Cisco Workgroup-Bridges everything works perfectly, but that won't solve my issue.

I'm running 5.2 code and tried everything from

- "config network enable broadcast" (btw. this feature is really cool, it just forwards broadcasts from the wired LAN to the wireless clients EXCEPT ARPs :-) So a broadcast is not always a broadcast :-) ).

- "config network ip-mac-binding disable"

That does not work as well.

Cisco removed the "config network arp-unicast" feature from 5.1 as well. This is crap. It's like an IOS AP, set to "dot11 arp-cache" without the "optional" keyword at the end.

Has anyone a solution for that problem? I guess I'll open a TAC case for that as well, but I already know the answer: "works as designed".

Thanks in advance!


Re: WLC, ARP and bridging


Do call TAC as this was an issue in early versions of 3.x code. It was supposedly fixed in 4.0 but I bet since the MESH train separated the fix has gotten lost again. This happens frequently.

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