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wlc asa connection problem

Good Day,

I have has a simple wireless ( wlc 2106)network for some time and administraiton has been a breeze.

We are expanding the wireless network and intoducing an ASA 5550 to handle nat.

I have a test setup now with a wlc 4402 connected to a cat 2950 which is connected to the ASA. There are two inside networks.

Inside subnet #1 is the management interface vlan for the wlc and so far the ap's I've tested have been on the same vlan.

Inside subnet #2 has a windows dhcp server and the wlc is configured to relay to it.

Traffic between these inside interfaces passes no problem. Clients associate to the AP and get an IP from the dhcp server on the other interface.

However, I cannnot get traffic to pass through the outside interface pinging from the wlc web console of from a connected client.

My first thought was a problem with the firewall config so I disconnected the wlc, assigned the same ip to a pc and could get past the firewall no problem.

Moreover, the firewall logs don't indicate any activity at all when I try to ping from the wlc. It's as though nothing is going out the interface.

Anyone seen anything like this before?

Thanks You

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