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WLC - Auto negotiate of Channel # not work

I am using Wireless LAN controller with 6 APs. But all APs cannot auto negotiate channel # (all using channel 1).

Any configuration required for auto-negotiate Channel #?


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Re: WLC - Auto negotiate of Channel # not work


for my understanding channel one is the most robust channel. So the controller choose this one when it is possible. So if there is no client connected an no wlan traffic is out there the APs will be in channel 1. Try now to connect with a few clients an you will see that the channels will change



Re: WLC - Auto negotiate of Channel # not work

You need to ensure the Auto-RF is enabled, and that the Access Points aren't statically configured to use Channel 1. The Auto-RF will only move your APs to different Channels if they can hear each other - if the APs are all completely isolated (ie - they're H-REAP AP's each at a different site) then they'll be fine (although in this case Auto-RF wont work at all because at least four APs are needed for Auto-RF to work - the implication is that you manually need to ensure Channel 1 is suitable for each site)




Re: WLC - Auto negotiate of Channel # not work

Is it possible that your LWAPs are so far apart that they cannot "hear" one another? This problem could manifest itself in the manner you describe.

- John

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Re: WLC - Auto negotiate of Channel # not work

What version of controller software are you using? I am sure this is the same thing as that I have seen with WLC version AIR-WLC4400-K9-4-0-206-0. Although AutoRF states that the preferred channel for a paticular AP is 6 or 11 the controller doesn't change to these channels but stays on Channel 1.

I think it must be a problem with this code as AutoRF in previous versions worked fine.


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