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WLC Client Roaming - Slow Connectivity

Greetings everybody,

I have an interesting problem with client roaming between controllers. If I'm connected to controller 1, i get excellent data throughput, if i roam onto an AP connected to controller 2, my data throughput drastically decreases. If i shut off my wireless, then turn it on again and repair IP address, then I end up directly on controller 2 and I have excellent throughput again. Seems that something is not working correctly in how the traffic is passed back to controller 1 from controller 2 when I'm roaming on its APs. Any thoughts?

Environment: Two 4404 WLCs (OS set up for the same mobility domain and RF group with Symmetric Mobility Tunneling enabled, and 25 of AIR-AP1231G-A-K9 APs on each controller.

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Re: WLC Client Roaming - Slow Connectivity

Post your show run-config and show mobility summary.

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Re: WLC Client Roaming - Slow Connectivity

Just wondering, you have the controllers in the same mobility group?

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