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WLC code: Mesh-Only vs Non-Mesh

Most of the sites have 1131Indoor and one site has 1522 Outdoor AP. All the AP's will have POE cable. We dont need Mesh technology.

We are trying to evaluate between Mesh Only or Non-Mesh code for WLC. Some of the departments are low budget funded so they cannot afford to have two different WLC's.

What is the loss of functionality if we make Indoor AP like 1131 connect to Mesh Only code?

Is there a link that shows the functionality comparison between Mesh Only and Non-Mesh WLC code?

Cisco Employee

Re: WLC code: Mesh-Only vs Non-Mesh

the mesh code right now is still based on 4.1 code.... so you will only have features as of 4.1 (there is no mesh code based on 4.2 yet)....

if you use mesh release 2, the .24 code... its the first mesh code to support internal ap's like the 1131 in indoor mesh and normal local mode (possibly hreap as well but I dont have a doc in front of me right now)......

but if you want to support the 1522 and 1131 on the same WLC you will have to use mesh release 2 the.24 one...

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