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WLC custom authentication - two authentication pages appear

Hi Folks,

I have a pair of WLC 5508s deployed on my LAN in an active-standby pair, and a WLC 2504 deployed in my DMZ as a guest Anchor.

I have configured a WLAN (guest) for webauth.    The guest WLAN is anchored to the 2504 in the DMZ, and webauth is working fine.     However when I uploaded a custom splash page to the anchor WLC, I started running into trouble.   This is what happens:

A device associates with to the guest SSID, and gets an ip address.

The user tries to browse to a webpage, and gets redirected to the custom splash page

The user enters the username/password provided to them

At this point, the user is redirected to the internal (default) webauth splash page located on the Guest WLC

- this happens whether the username/password entered on the custom page is correct or incorrect

- If the user enters their username/password correctly a second time on the internal (default) webauth splash page, they are authenticated and can access the network.

This is how the guest WLAN is configured:

On the 5508:     

L2 security = none

L3 security = Web Policy/authentication.    Override global config is not enabled

On the 2504 Anchor controller:

L2 security = none

L3 security = none,

Web Policy selected - Authentication

Override global config is enabled - webauth type = customized (downloaded), login page = login.html, login failure page = none, logout page = none.

I would really appreciate any help in preventing the second (default) splash page from appearing.

Many thanks,


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Re: WLC custom authentication - two authentication pages appear

This was a bug on the 2504 but is fixed on the newer code version. I think v7.3 it was fixed in. What version are you running on the 2504.

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WLC custom authentication - two authentication pages appear

Hi Scott,

I'm running version

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