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WLC Customized Web-Auth

I have downloaded the customized web-auth bundle and have edited

some of the pages with no problem. i do however run into an issue if i try to use some thing like a CSS script on a

web-auth page. is CSS HTML scripting not supported on the WLC? From what i can tell i get the user to log

in but it redirects the user back to the web-auth page and says that the user is already logged in.

Does anyone have a nice page the have created that I can use as a good starting point? the layouts for the bundle that can be downloaded from Cisco's support area are very simple html and not very pretty.

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Re: WLC Customized Web-Auth

CSS is supported, and I have this running on an anchor controller  with  no  problems.

I have uploaded an example HTML Page which includes 1x CSS  Style Sheet and 2x Gif Image (replace logo with your own but match the name unless you are comfortable with changing the HTML File to suit)

Your  can customise this to your needs and then package it up in a tarball and upload to your  Anchor Controller.

Job done.

Have fun  

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