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WLC Issue

I configured a WLC 2000 with one WLAN using the management interface as access to the wireless. I am using a ASA 5505 as my DHCP server. The management interface is using port 4 to connect to port 7 on my ASA 5505. I am able to authencitcate and associate to the WLAN, however, i am not able to get dynamic address. If i enter a static address into my laptop,I can browse the internet. My management interface VLAN identifier (vlan 0)is untagged. The access point is connected to the ASA on port 3. Any reasons why i am unable to acquire a ip address dynamically from my ASA?


Re: WLC Issue

2 ideas/questions

did you enable dhcpd on the ASA interface ?

did you specify the ASA ip in the controller interface or wlan configuration?

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Re: WLC Issue

Yes, i enabled dhcpd on the ASA interface (inside)and specified the ASA ip in the controller and wlan configuration.

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