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WLC MR code

I am planning to upgrade to this code and i wanted to know if anyone have experience any issues .

Thank you


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Re: WLC MR code

That is pretty new as it only came out this week. Again, we had to upgrade to this code on a 5508 due to the was not uploading a 3rd party certificate correctly. However, this was not an issue with the 440X or WiSM's.

I alway say to wait and see, unless you have issues with the code you are running. No reason to upgrade unless something is broken and even then, the new code might not even fix the issue or might even introduce new ones.

Just my thought.

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Re: WLC MR code

I installed 6.0.188 on a pair of WiSM controllers and have 100+ APs running on it now. I upgraded from 4.2.207 and the upgrade went without any problem. The primary reason I moved quickly on this code is because it is supposed to address the problem with old Vocera badges connecting to 1252 access points. I will be upgrading 500+ APs on several other WiSMs in the next couple of weeks.

Re: WLC MR code

The B1000 badges are much better on with the new CLI command "config 802.11b faster-carrier-tracking-loop enable". Badge to AP association seems to be faster and voice recognition appears to be more reliable on 1142/1252. Currently running at 3 sites and will complete our migration at our two main Vocera sites next Thursday night.

Re: WLC MR code

Im bringing 4 WiSMs and 300 aps online next week and i appreciate the feedback.

I will report back if i see anything ..

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Re: WLC MR code

This version was tested and has bug fixes from the previous 6.0.

This is the first maintenance release and I suggest anyone using 6.0 to upgrade to the MR.

To answer your initial quetion, the issues are listed under open caveats in the release notes:

Re: WLC MR code

what is going on with these caveats. Im concerned about the voice. Also the code is ED not MR?

Table 3 Major Open Caveats

ID Number

Caveat Title


AP 1140 not joinning WLC and logging tracebacks.


AP 1240 beacons getting disabled while probes enabled on WLC 6.0.182


AP1142 reset from watchdog timer expired


AP radio UP transmitting only beacons


WLC locks up on SNMP task when pushing AP Group template from WCS


Beacon stopped after much Voice traffic wre placed under a LAP.

"Satisfaction does not come from knowing the solution, it comes from knowing why." - Rosalind Franklin
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Re: WLC MR code

With this new version did they fix the OTAP vulnerabilities yet?

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