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wlc service-port IP


I'm a bit puzzled by the documentation for the WLC concerning the service-port interface.

In the "WLC and LAP basic configuration example" documentation it is said: "If you do not want to use the service port, enter for the IP address and netmask."

But in the "WLC Configuration Best Practices" it is said: "Do not leave an interface with a address, for example an unconfigured service port. It might affect DHCP handling in the controller."

So, can I leave on the service port or not?




Re: wlc service-port IP

That is difficult to say. The best practices rule infers dynamic interfaces whereas the service interface is a physical one. Also, not all services are available on all interfaces.

why do you not want to use the service port?

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Re: wlc service-port IP

Don't rule out the service port. This could save you if and when your WLC starts having a spasms.

I don't know with others, but I use the service port as a remote out-of-band-management in case the management IP should somehow fail. Saved me several times in the past.

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Re: wlc service-port IP


thanks both for the answers.

We are using the console port of the wlc for remote OOBM. In our case i don't see the point in putting up anything on the service port in terms of configuration.

I merely wondering if we still have to configure it or not. We see some "DHCP-3-BIND_SRPORT_ERR" (service port binding errors) and documentation was indicating that it may be due to problems with the service-port.

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