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WLC Service Port


Are the service-port and the managment-port available in parallel for managment purpose?

I got the information if the service-port is activ, the management-port is not reachable?




Re: WLC Service Port

Both interfaces could be up at the same time. The management interface is the primary interface of the controller where most traffic is sourced from such as Radius requests, DHCP, etc, and is also typically used for the management of the controller. The service port is really for out-of-band management. Think of it like an aux port on a router.

Re: WLC Service Port

What plate form are you using (controllers or WISMs). I would agree with the above but if you are using WiSMs the service ports are used for much more than out of band managment.

Also the service port should not be routable to the management address. If it is you may have issues.

Q. How do the Cisco WiSM and the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor communicate with each other?

A. The Cisco WiSM uses the Wireless Control Protocol (WCP) to communicate with the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Supervisor. The WCP is a new UDP-based internal protocol for communication between the Supervisor and Cisco WiSM controllers. WCP is only communicated between the WiSM and Supervisor on the service interface of the controllers, which corresponds to ports 9 and 10 of the WiSM module. WCP runs on UDP/IP, port 10000 on a service interface.

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