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WLC two PoE Ports

Can I use the WLC two PoE Ports as a switching port? Actually, I want to plug the IP Phone to the PoE port of the WLC.

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WLC two PoE Ports

Hi Chi,

I will not recommand this to connect a phone to POE port.

Whcih Controller do you have ?


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WLC two PoE Ports


Thanks for your reply! I hv the WLC 2106.

I want to make a lab as testing and I just spend on a IP Phone, so I don't want to waste a PoE switch ....

Actually, I assigned the port 1 to the router and assigned the port 8 PoE to the IP Phone, but that cannot be routable ... Can't be a switching of the WLC ports? Only CAPWAP protocol can commnicate with WLC?

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WLC two PoE Ports

HI Chi,

It might surprise some of you but you can't use the WLC 2106 like a switch.You can only connect Lightweight Access Points to the ports of the WLC 2100 Series, some APs can be powered by the PoE ports while the others need a power supply or a power injector.

As per my knowledge:  You can not do switching with WLC ports.LWAPP and CAPWAP(Both protocol can communicate with WLC, its depends on the code you have on WLC)


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WLC two PoE Ports


This is not recommended to plug the AP to the WLC PoE port? Any features will be lost?

Actually, I want to set two SSID that one is for the Internet access only and one can access the internal network.

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WLC two PoE Ports

You can connect AP on 2106 POE port.

It is possible to connect the APs directly to the controller, I would recommend to connect the APs to a switch. This will allow you to get trained on many IOS commands that are required during the lab and are not configurable on the controller ports.

If you connected the AP to PoE port then make sure that the management and ap manager interfaces have their primary DHCP configuration pointed to the IP address of the management interface.  Also make sure the DHCP proxy is enabled on the controller.

Here is the guide:

Guest WLAN and Internal WLAN using WLCs Configuration Example


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WLC two PoE Ports

Like everyone mentioned... you can't do that.  It's not supported on that platform, so TAC will not help you and in newer platforms, with newer code, its supported with AP's, but you loose out on features and what you can do.

Use a switch inbetween the WLC and the AP's and other devices if you want it to work.



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Re: WLC two PoE Ports

You can't do that.

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WLC two PoE Ports

Those POE ports provide power to access points connected directly to them.

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