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WLC Web GUI Certificate type displayed


We Converted some APs from IOS to LWAPP and had them successfully Join a WLC.

We have, to date, never bought owned or otherwise possessed an AP which talks LWAPP out of the box.

However the WLC Web GUI says, under the Wireless heading, that AP Certificate Type is "Manufacture Installed" .

Shouldn't it say "Self-Signed" ?

regards, MH


Re: WLC Web GUI Certificate type displayed

Depends, all aironet ap's shipped after 18 july 2005 have a mic installed, even if they do not run the lwapp code. All ap's bought before need a ssc.

New Member

Re: WLC Web GUI Certificate type displayed

Thankyou for your reply.

Looking at Cisco document,

"Upgrading Autonomous Cisco Aironet Access Points to Lightweight Mode"

I can see where it confirms what you said about MIC,

"Factory installed certificates are referenced by the term MIC, which is an acronym for Manufacturing

Installed Certificate. Cisco Aironet access points shipped before July 18, 2005, do not have MIC, so

these access points create a self-signed certificate when upgraded to operate in lightweight mode."

Most of this document talks about SSC not MIC and is indisciminate about the age of the AP.

So if I'm converting 1131AG APs bought in 2006 from Autononous to LWAPP am I dealing with MIC not SSC?

Regards, MH


Re: WLC Web GUI Certificate type displayed

those should be mic

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