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WLC2106 AP Connected to PoE port not detected

I have a WLC 2106. It is currently working as expected over AP's that are connected via a remote PoE switch. I wish to attach an AP to one of the local PoE ports.

On a different site we have an identical WLAN controller that was setup before my time, but it is working with an AP attached to a PoE port on the controller.

I can't get this to work on the new controller.


I have read this :

and this :


and I understand that the configuration I want isn't considered best practice but it is still one I would like to use, I know that it should work as I have a currently functioning example.


From the first document I have linked I have a configuration that matched 'option 2'. I have everything assigned to port 1, AP-MANAGEMENT is untagged and has a DHCP server configured to the DHCP server for the network, and the DHCP server is on the same network as the AP-MANAGEMENT interface.

CDP ALL shows the three AP's that are on the network but not the one that is directly connected.


(Cisco Controller) >show interface summary

Interface Name                   Port Vlan Id  IP Address      Type    Ap Mgr Guest
--------------------------------     ----     -------- --------------- ------- ------ -----
ap-manager                        1    untagged      Static  Yes    No
guestwifi                              1    9     Dynamic No     No
management                       1    100      Static  No     No
virtual                                     N/A  N/A         Static  No     No


The only difference I can see between the two controllers is the software version, with the new one being 7.0.2 and the older one being 7.0.1


Any thoughts?

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Hi.First you need to make


First you need to make sure the port is enabled with power.

WLC> Config port power all enable

Then make sure the AP have an IP address, otherwise it will not make a join request.

On the AP config this:

capwap ap ip address [IP address] [mask]
capwap ap ip default-gateway [address for the gateway]
capwap ap controller ip address [management interface address on the WLC]

The AP will the join the WLC.



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Both ports already show power

Both ports already show power enabled, and my user at the remote site can see the AP power up.

We have swapped a known working AP onto the PoE port and get the same issue. I have followed DHCP configuration guides for this, and would prefer to use DHCP if possible. 

Even if the IP config was wrong, I would still expect to see the AP showing up as a CDP neighbour, which is why I thought there would be some 'lower level' configuration issue at play.

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Have you DHCP proxy en

Have you DHCP proxy en/disabled?

Internal WLC DHCP-server cannot be used when DHCP proxy is disabled.


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