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WLC4402: Acct-Interim-Interval not working?

Hi.  I have a WLC controller with webauth athentication using an external RADIUS for authentication and accounting.  Everything is working fine, except that the accounting updates only happen at session start or stop, and sometimes (!?) there are interim updates, buy I have not managed to see why they occur and how often...  I have tried using the starndar RADIUS VSA "Acct-Interim-Interval", which in theory defines for the NAS (the WLC) which interval to use, but it seems the WLC ignores this parameter.

Can any one help?  I was hoping someone has stepped into this issue as it seems to me to be quite basic for a NAS to have this functionality...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: WLC4402: Acct-Interim-Interval not working?

Here is a list of the supported radius attributes for accounting:

Hope this helps.

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Re: WLC4402: Acct-Interim-Interval not working?

As you can see in the list Acct-Interim-Interval is not there, so I guess this parameter cannot be changed from the Radius server, which would be fine if it could be configured from the WLC itself, which is also not possible.  The worst is that I have tried to see what is the default interim interval, because sometimes I do get interim messages, but they seem to be totally random, I have no idea what triggers them because sometimes hours pass without even one message (as far as I can see...)  Any ideas?  Thanks in any case.

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Re: WLC4402: Acct-Interim-Interval not working?

I don't have the answer for that.  I see that you already tried to determine that from the logs. Have you looked if it happens during a device roam or if the device sits idle versus if the device is sending traffic?  Just a tought....

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