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WLC4402+AP1242 and WPA problem


I've been having a problem for the past few weeks. Before upgrading our wireless infrastructure with the WLC we just used standalone 1242's. 802.11b devices would connect to an ssid using wpa-psk. Something has happened lately and these devices won't work anymore, laptops and other devices work with the same ssid just fine.

If I should send more info just let me know.

Hope you can help.

I am attatching a debug client log for one of these devices, the only errors I see are dhcp, but the clients have always been setup statically:

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Re: WLC4402+AP1242 and WPA problem

This has been fixed, just changed from static to dhcp on the client.

Odd, static should work as well I would think.

Re: WLC4402+AP1242 and WPA problem

It is likely that you have a 'DHCP Required' rule in the WLAN settings. If you disable / remove this setting, the WLC will not required clients to get a DHCP IP Address before granting them access to the network.



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Re: WLC4402+AP1242 and WPA problem

No, DHCP required is not enabled on the WLC. I checked this.

Re: WLC4402+AP1242 and WPA problem

Sometimes there are issues using static IP addresses on the client side. This can result in the client associating but not authenticating as the clients ARP entry never hits the controller and thus the client is never in the controllers client list. Use DHCP when necessary, 90 percent of tac calls at Airespace were a result of not using dhcp.

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