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WLC4402 Connectivity

We are trying to set-up the WLC4402 (with the latest 4.1 code) on our network. We have the ap-manager and management interface assigned to port 1 (on VLAN 10), which connects to the main network.

We'd like to connect the wireless users (on the same VLAN, VLAN 10) through port 2 of the WLC to separate the wired network from the wireless network.

Switch1 (connected to port 1) is configured for dot1q trunking and is pingable from the WLC.

Switch2 (connected to port 2) is also configured for dot1q trunking but we are not able to ping either way between the WLC (to the management interface) and Switch2. The trunk is up, and I've confirmed that VLAN 10 is allowed on the trunk.

Any ideas on where we're going wrong, or what to check next?



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Re: WLC4402 Connectivity

Hi Friend,

Putting 2 different physical ports into a network will not let you achieve the desired results.

So I will recommend you to use 2 different vlans one for wireless users and one for wired users in your network.



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Re: WLC4402 Connectivity

I have attached a couple of drawings which illustrate the current topology, and the topology that I think you both are proposing. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

To create the AP-Manager2 interface, is it a matter of creating another dynamic interface on the WLC?



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Re: WLC4402 Connectivity


First thing to remember here is that you cannot ping the AP Manager interface. It is used to "manage" the associated AP's. There are a few questions arising here:

1) how many AP's are you supporting?

2) how many wireless users are connecting to the system?

3) what switches are you using and is vlan 10 created in layer 2 on both switches.

You should set the AP Manager to use port 2 then and not port 1 if you want to keep the wired seperate from the wireless. Or you need to set the AP Manager to use port 1 and set up a seperate AP Manager for port 2.

Also keep in mind that if you are supporting less than 49 AP's then the second port is actual used as a standby port even when connected to the live network.



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Re: WLC4402 Connectivity

Thanks for replying.

I've been trying to ping the Management interface.

To answer your questions:

1) Just a handful of APs (4-5). Our coverage area is not that big right now and won't be growing much larger in the foreseeable future.

2) About 20 wireless users spread out around one floor of one building.

3) Using 3750 switches, and VLAN 10 is created on both switches.

That information about port 2 being used as a standby sounds like it's going to mess me up. I don't remember reading that in the documentation.

I attached a couple of drawings to a previous response to my question. If you have a minute, please take a look at them and see if I'm getting it right or wrong.

Thanks again for your help,


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