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WT2700 Equipment

I have been researching all material regarding the WT-2700 equipment and can not find enough information on specification and deployment factors.

I have a customer who has a three buildings which they would like to run point-to-multipoint. The main building is at at 900 feet elevation and the two access sites are around 800 feet elevation. One of the access sites is 1.3 miles from headend sys. and the other is 3.2 miles.The only obstructions in the way are trees and maybe small building. Will WT-2700 gear fit this need?

Few other questions:

How far can the indoor ubr7200 be located from the transverter?

What kind of antennas are required?

How far can the indoor 2600/3600 be located from the transverter?

Here is the list of required equipment I got from CCO,is anything else required for point-multipoint?

Besides the routers:). Seems like the CPE needs transverter and antennas..?

UBR-MCW-MDA WT-2750 Headend Wireless Line Card for uBR72xx Universal Broadband Routers

NM-WMDA WT-2750 CPE Network Module for Cisco 2600/3600 Modular Access Routers

UBR-WMF4A WT-2750 Headend Quad Power Feed Panel

WT2772-MAA WT-2750 MMDS Headend Transverter

Thank you for your time.

Shane Cross

Community Member

Re: WT2700 Equipment

Do you know if your customer wants two P2P links or both subscribers in a P2MP sector? In either case, you'll need a site survey. With that, you'll be able to determine how much impact the trees and building elevation is. Your antenna type is dependant on the results of this survey. Your Cisco design engineer should be able to recommend someone locally for your site survey.

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Re: WT2700 Equipment

Here’s what I got from my Cisco account rep regarding the distance from the ubr7200 to the transverter AND how far the indoor 2600/3600 be located from the transverter: 200 feet with LMR 200 cable and 400 feet with (very expensive) LMR 400 cable.

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Re: WT2700 Equipment

I would use the term "very expensive" cautiously as the cost of that cable is nothing when discussing ubr7200 cost. Also keep in mind that LMR400 cable is about .50 per foot. If they say 400 feet with lmr 400 cable then that gives you a loss factor of 26.8 db. With that in mind you could go to lmr 600 (less than $1 per foot) and be able to go up to 670 feet. I really would not do that but just using for comparison purposes. Personally I use lmr 600 and 900 for almost everything to improve reliability of link (4 and 2.7 db per 100 respectivly). Hope this helps.

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Re: WT2700 Equipment

Hi Shane,

I had a meeting just this morning discussing why it's so hard to get questions answered from this product line. Being a new product line, I don't anticipate widespread documents for a while, or at least it's been a while. There are a lot of specifics you should be aware of if you don't already know. You must be ATP certified and that in itself is process, but I believe you just went Silver, so it might not be as difficult. We're currently going through the process of becoming ATP certified. The only way I've found any real data is by purchasing the system and running through the tests ourself. I've have just recently come across some useful PowerPoint slides that have some good details specs. Contact me if you're interested,

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