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Add Camera View to Quick Launch

I am interested in adding a button to a Quick Launch view that will open the live video feed from a camera.

I have attempted to do this by adding a Device Command and selecting the camera from our VSM list.

CPAM expects for me to issue a command to this device, but there aren't any available.

Can someone explain how I can add this Quick Launch button?

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Add Camera View to Quick Launch

I know this is digging up an old topic, but I was wondering if anyone had any insight in how to add a button to a quick launch panel that will grab a video feed from VSM.

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Add Camera View to Quick Launch

I have a couple of ideas,

1. You can set up a widget to open the camera manager module. This will allow the individual to see the cameras. I am not sure if you can limit the rights on the profile so that they can only see the camera you are wanting to see as I have not tested this out.


2. You may be able to set up a widget that will trigger an alarm. You can then set up the profile to open a live video feed on certain alarms by checking the open live video and then setting the filter to for just that alarm.

I have not tested these options out but maybe this will get you started on the right path to find a solution.

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