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Backup Archives

Currently I have two remote sites both running VSOM (v4.2.1) on two separate service modules. They are set for at the end of the day they both backup the entire day's worth of archives to a VSMS at HQ. Both modules are installed in Cisco 2911/k9 routers and running latest versions of software (VS_Base, VS_Drivers, VSMS, and VS_Recorders are all on 6.2.1, VS_Tools is on 2.0-2, and both modules are SM-SRE-700K9). The only difference between the two sites is that one site is using Cisco 2500 IP Cameras with a 10Meg link back to HQ and the other is using 2621v cameras with a 6meg link back to HQ. The location with the 2621v cameras is sending the archives at different times during the day and causing bandwidth restrictions. All camera feeds are configured as 4CIF and MPEG-4  is there a reason that one location is having an issue while the other is operating perfectly? I did notice that in VSOM 4.2.1 the 2621v cameras are not listed as supported cameras, I currently have them configured as 2520 cameras and they operate normally locally.

Also will there be an update for the SRE's to go to 6.3.X like the full servers?



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