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Bosch Cameras in VSM

Is anyone running at least VSM 7 and using a Bosch camera?  What model of Bosch camera are you using and did you encounter any Active X control conflicts between your Bosch cameras and your Cisco cameras?  We are attempting to add a Bosch Dinion IP NWC 455 and can't seem to get past this error: "Operation failed: Invalid Username or Password or Timesync Mismatch".  I feel very confident that the user name/password used to configure the camera is the same one used during the "Add" dialog when adding the camera to VSM.  The time was updated during the configuration process to the present time.  Can anyone think of anything that we missed??

Thanks. ka





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Kim, Yes we have pulled in dozens of Bosch cameras (including one 455 model). Short version is you have to trick it. When VSM does its checks it sees duplicates b/c the model number is populated into the serial number column of the DB and you then get PK errors. Try this: Make sure the camera is running Bosch firmware 4.56 or higher (I have not tried with firmware higher than 4.56) Import the cameras via CSV as pre-provisioned, using the ONVIF driver. Make sure the template has 30 FPS on the primary stream. Enable the pre-provisioned camera, and you should be all set. Somehow this workaround doesn't bump into the problem you are seeing.
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Rossi8888, Can you tell me

Rossi8888, Can you tell me how your 455 behaves?  Do you have a continuous stream of video?  Do you have any problems with the archives...choppiness or sudden jumps?  Does this camera work as well as your Cisco models?  Will it maintain a continuous connection with your network?



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Kim, Yes the cameras maintain connection, and are stable etc. The only caveats are a) the picture is SD, and about as good as MP4 can be, and b) often times when the camera reboots (such as a power outage) the encoder in the camera reverts to a different profile than what VSM tells it to be. When this happens I have to connect to each camera that is affected and manually switch it back to the correct profile, as well as the correct resolution (1/2 D1 looms best to me). Without make those changes in the camera encoder profile within the camera itself, the picture is dostorted, pixelated, etc
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Are you able to use MP4 with

Are you able to use MP4 with the Bosch 455?  We were only able to get it running using JPEG?  Also,you said to use firmware version 4.56.  The firmware for this camera only goes to 4.10.  Can you check your 455 and see specifically which firmware you are using and whether you were able to get it running MP4?

Any assistance you could offer regarding the Bosch 455 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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The firmware is 4.10, build

The firmware is 4.10, build 56. So I meant 4.10.56.

I chose h.264 in the VSM template, but Bosch's version of "h.264" in this older model is more like MP4, as was explained to me by an engineer who knows. So my comment about MP4 wasn't meant to be the protocol to run, but in response to your inquiry about picture quality.

Here are some screen shots of my setup in VSM and in the camera itself.


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Rossi8888...Thank you!! ka

Rossi8888...Thank you!! ka

New Member

One more question...which

One more question...which version of VSM are you running?
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7.2.x I should have mentioned that further developement of the ONVIF driver was released in 7.2.x which has broader support for 3rd party cameras, including Bosch. Cisco and other fully supported 3rd party cameras work better of course (by allowing motion, events, multiple streams & HA) but like you I had a few dozen existing legacy cameras and wanted to protect that investment. As of 7.2.x I was able to do so!
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Thanks for the help with this

Thanks for the help with this!


Which login are you using for these devices in vsom, service, user, or live?


Also, could you maybe attach screens of the settings in the camera, with the details section from the encoder profiles, and the network settings? 

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