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Camera Config Best Practice

Here is my situation:

At HQ VSOM and VSMS Servers both operating on latest firmware, the VSMS as 10.27TB of HDD space.

At the HQ I have 13 cameras installed:

     10 2621v cameras:

           Res - 4CIF 704x480

           Format - NTSC

.         Media - JPEG

           Frame Rate - 15

           Quality - 50

      2 2600 cameras:

           Same Configurations as 2621

     1 2900 camera w/full PTZ control

           Same Configurations as 2621

All cameras for the HQ are doing 24/7 recording for a span of 14 days and shelving that archive for 14 more days until the next archive is complete. 

Also I have one remote site that is operating on an integrated service module in their router and sending it's archives to the HQ VSMS nightly.

My issue is that with the current configuration I am using 5.75 TB of storage and I need to add 2 more cameras to the HQ and bring 4 more remote sites up. 

I was wondering if anyone could help me to see if I am using the proper configurations to optimize my disk space?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.




Camera Config Best Practice

I would use H.264 unless you have to use MJPEG. That will help you a lot on storage. That is, unless there is a SLA that specifies MJPEG.

13 cams at 1024kbps using H.264 will get you under 1.87TB for the same archive retention. Maybe even more if you turn on VBR (variable bit rate) and up you quality.

Cisco does post a best practice in their docs somewhere. Have you looked on at the design guides?

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Camera Config Best Practice

I've been looking for about a week for a design guide. I thought about opening a TAC case for it but I tried this first.

I really like your idea of changing the media type to a H.264, I'll implement that and see what happens.

Thanks a lot for the quick response.


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