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New Member

Can't log into Media Server 6.3.0

I am unable to log into the Application Server to configure any of the recording settings. When I attempt to log into the web based application, I receive an error message stating "There is a problem with the application." Object id #10

The Management Console features are active and work as desired.

The server had run out of space due to the backup software creating new backups and not deleting the old backups on the primary partition. The system is configured with two partitions, a 10GB for the OS and 10TB for video storage. I have discontinued the use of the backup software and deleted the backups from the system disk. 

2.79GB was recovered after deleting files but the system still is not functioning as required. All of the proxies are running and the archives seem to be working as well.

Cisco Employee

Hi,This is DB issue, have you


This is DB issue, have you tried rebooting the server to let the VSM know it has enough space on the / partition?

run following command on the VSOM ssh session.

1. vscheck - check for DB validation

2. service cisco status - If all the services are running.



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