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Can't Repair or Replace Configuration on Configuration Mismatch Error

I have 19 cameras at a single facility that are all experiencing a Configuration Mismatch.  Attempts to Repair or Replace Configuration via the Status Menu fail both in batch and individually.  The cameras are all still up and streaming however.  Has anyone seen this and what did you do to fix it?  We are running 7.0.1 and the cameras are a mixure of 2500s and 2600s.


Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated.





Hi Kim,What firmware builds

Hi Kim,

What firmware builds for each respective camera model?

Also, are they all running the same template, multiple templates, or some uniques?  I'm currently assuming a single template.

If so, what are the specifics of the template?  Have you checked the job or health details to dig down to anything specific?


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I had never seen this happen

I had never seen this happen before and I'm still trying to find what caused this problem to occur.  I went back and actually looked at the exact cause of failure for the configuration job that I ran against the cameras.  The job had failed because the server itself had a configuration mismatch.  I went to the Media Server menu where I was able to see and correct the mismatch condition with the server itself. Then I re-ran the job to correct the configuration on the cameras.  

Any idea what causes a mismatch condition on a media server?  I could understand a camera getting disconnected from the network and somehow not matching the configuration that's stored on the server?  But how could a server lose it's configuration?  

Anyway, thank you for responding.  I always appreciate your help Scott.




I could really only guess at

I could really only guess at why it would have detected a configuration mismatch, and you'd likely have to dig through detailed logs covering the period in question to get some real answers.  

Have you checked the Open/Closed caveats in the 7.2 release notes to see if perhaps there was a similar sounding bug that may have been fixed?

Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:
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