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Cisco-IPC-4500 4300 Firmware upgrade failed

Good day! Experience problems when updating the firmware on the camera models 4500 and 4300. 
At the moment they are installed firmware version 1.1.0. 
when we want to upgrade to version 2.0.0 (file CIVS-IPC-4xxx-V2.0.0.bin 20.8 mb) at the same time there is an error  "Correct the areas marked below" and "File size is too large" (fig1).

When trying to upgrade to version 2.3.1-1 (file CIVS-IPC-4xxx-V2.3.1-1.bin 4,57 mb), starts downloading (fig2) and 5% occurs disconnection (fig3).

how can we solve this problem? 

Thank you!



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Cisco Employee

Hi,You can upgrade an IP


You can upgrade an IP camera to firmware release 2.0.0 from firmware release 1.2.1 or later. If you need to upgrade to release 2.0.0 from a release earlier than 1.2.1, first upgrade to 1.2.1.

You may use the VSM firmware upgrade option to upgrade camera firmware and for bulk upgrades.


I would also add that it's

I would also add that it's absolutely imperative you review the Release Notes for each firmware version you are looking to upgrade to.  Cisco usually does a pretty good job of identifying all the caveats of moving between different versions of code.

Seriously, make it a habit for all new versions of software and firmware that come out; read the release notes.  That's the best advice I can provide to others in these forums.


All the best,



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Hi Alexdrozpro The CIVS-4500

Hi Alexdrozpro


The CIVS-4500 have been a problem from their initial firmware V1.0.0 and that's why we haven't used them, I have one on my test bench, if you would like me to perform some testing then please post up the firmware that you are having issues with and I can get back to you with the results.

Kind Regards,


Nils UK


New Member

Hi,You can try to download


You can try to download Cisco Video Surveillance 4300 and 4500 Cameras firmware upgrade utility for firmware 2.3.2


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