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CIVS-IPC-2520V stuck in firmware upgrade mode

    Attempted firmware upgrade from V2.4.0-10 to V2.5.1-1 via VSMS Camera Firmware Upgrade utility. Selected 4 cameras, pointed to firmware file and let it go. Returned later to find 3 had completed successfully and 1 had failed. Attempted to connect to camera via web interface and received message essentially saying "..firmware crashed. Upgrade to the latest version.." or words to that effect. Attempted same via web interface this time. All indications good, including file upload and successful upgrade. Message states camera is restarting. When I attempted to reconnect to the camera, I got the "..foirmware crashed..." message again. Attempted once again to perform upgrade and again received message indicating upgrade was successful. Tried to reconnect again and got the "..firmware crashed...." again. Then, I noticed the recovery firmware version is V1.1.3.2. Support web-site indicates older versions of firmware require Firmware Uprade utility in order to perform the upgrade. I downloaded the utility and, per the instructions, placed the camera in Upgrade Mode (Power down, hold in reset button, power back up while holding reset for 10 seconds). Camera is now in upgrade mode, indicated by flashing amber ETH indicator. Launched Upgrade.exe and get strange window named Detected LAN Cards: with no entries. Closed window and received Upgrade error window stating "Broadcast Error!" When I close that, I finally get to the Cisco Upgrade Utility for Standard Definition IP Camera screen, but no cameras listed. By the way, I am now using a direct cable connection to the camera via a power injector, with a static IP address on my laptop on the same subnet as the camera was on prior to starting the upgrade. Now that I put the camera in Upgrade Mode, I cannot communicate with it via IP, the Upgrade Utility doesn't work, and if I cycle the power, the camera just comes back up in Upgrade Mode again. Anybody out ther know how I can get into this camera to reload the firmware? It has a USB port, but I can't get any response from it. I can ask Cisco to replace the camera, but it seems like there should be a simple fix available.

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Any resolution to this issue

Any resolution to this issue or just replace the camera?

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