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Cpam Elevator Reader setup

I need help setting up a gateway so that an elevator badge reader only grants acces to 1 floor, not both floors.    Basically, they have 1 reader in the elevator and depending on access depends on whether they can push the button for the 2nd floor or the 3rd floor.  I've gotten close on this, I created 2 outputs tied to both floor buttons.  I setup 2 global i/o triggers, one that when access is granted on the reader they can access floor 2, same with floor 3.  Problem I am having is that regardless if they only have floor 2 or only have floor 3 access, when they are granted any access both triggers go off and allow access to both floors.   If anyone has any experience with this, I could use the help.




Cpam Elevator Reader setup

Hi Robert.

Before you do anything I recommend talking to the elevator manufacturer and/or whomever has the maintenance contract. There are regulations beyond normal access control when working with elevators. On the upside they will also most likely be able to help you with the floor requirements.

Good luck.

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Cpam Elevator Reader setup

We already are working with them.  This is on new construction.  Just have to figure out how to get my triggers to work properly

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Cpam Elevator Reader setup

I have done something like this before but it was for opening multiple lockers using only one reader.

I don't think I would reccomend doing this on an elevator as this uses global IOs. so if your gateway loses connection to the server for any reason you will lose access to those floors. If you do want to use global IO's to accomplish this on an elevator you may want to think about putting in a key switch that will bypass your outputs in case of server failure/communication issues.

Here is what I did.

I created a door with just the reader. no outputs.

I created generic outputs for the outputs.

(In my situation we were not using the hot stamp on the badges for anything so I was using this field as an identifier for the outputs.)

I set up a global IO that first checked for a grant access on the door with the reader and then checked for the hot stamp.

I created  2 global IOs:

One that checked for a grant access on the door and for a hot stamp of 2. then activate the output for button 2.

Then one IO that checked for a grant access on the door and for a hot stamp of 3, which would activate the output for button 3.

Even if the badge has access to the elevator it will not activate the outputs unless you have the hot stamp set to 2 or 3.

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Cpam Elevator Reader setup

I can make it local, since it's all on one gateway.  Global I/O is just what I have played more with.  What do you mean the hot stamps? 

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