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Getting missing mib for trap receiver


I'm trying to implement the VSOM into your management system (ca's Spectrum). I inserted the given MIB into it (/usr/BWhttpd/root/htdocs/config/BROADWARE-EVENT-MIB.txt).

Unfortunately the received traps contains OIDs that are not defined in this MIB. So were can I obtain the MIB for this OID: ?

It belongs to Broadware, but Broadware is now Cisco....


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Re: Getting missing mib for trap receiver


we are using VSOM 6.3 an getting an similar failure. Unknown Traps:

Event : Unknown alert received from device hubble of type Host_Device. Device Time 26+20:19:47. (Trap type
             Trap var bind data:
             OID:  Value:  231958754
             OID:  Value:  1291043346
             OID:  Value:
             OID:  Value:  a_p_s1_Muenchen_RZ_1_1_-_a_motion_2
             OID:  Value:  2

We use the delivered MIB given within VSMC ( under  SNMP Trap Destinations ). It says: mediastream recording mediaServer generic clockAdjustment

                              |____.0 clockAdjustmentNotifications

                              |____.1 clockAdjustmentObjects psbuEventMIBConformance

So our trap doesn't exists ( and it seems to be within the wrong tree.

Does anybody use trap based monitoring of VSOM and made it working?

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Re: Getting missing mib for trap receiver


Please take a look at the following document for VSM 6.2 and earlier:

If you are using VSM 6.3, please note the following:

This configuration does not apply to any 6.3.x or later versions of VSMS, as VSMS 6.3 introduces the Health Monitoring dashboard, which will obviate the procedures contained in this document via introduction of a comprehensive video surveillance monitoring framework. In addition, the BROADWARE-EVENT-MIB will no longer be used in 6.3.x and later releases of VSMS. Please refer to 6.3 documentation for information regarding available network monitoring and camera management strategies in 6.3.x and later versions of VSMS.

For VSM 6.3, please reference the user guide:

The SNMP section begins on page 10-18.

Launch VSMC http:///vsmc
Go to configuration\SNMP Trap Destinations
Click on "VS Event MIB" link

I hope that helps..

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