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Gradually darkening camera images 2500-2530 series

We have a camera installation where the camera monitor believes the images are gradually getting darker, especially during the evening hours.  We have tried to remedy the dark image in the evening by switching all cameras at that installation from a day schedule to an auto schedule.  This resulted in a undesirable black/white image in the evening since it may be necessary to identify clothing, coloring, etc.

Is anyone aware of image darkening issues with this camera or how we might lighten the image that is transmitted while maintaining an optimal bandwidth?  There are 27 cameras at this installation to consider.

Please share any strategies that you have implemented resulting in optimal nighttime images for any camera model or type regardless of manufacturer.

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Gradually darkening camera images 2500-2530 series

Yes, B&W is normal for "Night" view, you have a higher resolution than color btw, but no color, so if you want color keep the setting on "Day" and add more lights to the area.  In the camera's settings you may adjust several values to get a more/less darker/lighter view, if this is more than a subjective issue you may be at the end of your camera's life-cycle, and yes that's just about now for the x3xx x4xx and x5xx models.  If the image has become too dark, tinted, or has a white "fog" then the camera is going bad, in some cases the DC-auto iris circuit may "revive" if the lens is switched for a new one, but no promises.

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