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Help Customizing Report Templates for CPAM


I'm a new SysAdmin and have been tasked with being the point-person for issues with our new Cisco Physical Access Manager.

Currently we're using Version 1.3.2 (0.3.5) and I was presented with a request for help customizing some reports for management personnel.

I've played around a little with the Report Manager and attempted to create a new filter-based template, but it doesn't appear that you can filter on all available columns that are in the "Personnel" view.

For example, when we manually add users to the Personnel view there's a field in the 'Occupational Information' section where you can add the user's "Department"  We'd like to utilize that field for things like Service Desk or Customer Care or SysAdmin.

Once we have those fields populated for all users, we want to generate a custom report for the different management personnel, so they can see a report for anyone in the Department that they oversee.  For some managers, this will include multiple Departments.  However, there appears to be limits to the filter-based report templates.  Mainly, filtering by Department isn't even an option.

Has anyone been able to customize a report in the same way that I'm expecting it to work with this product?

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